rediscover your passions in life...
Restore your body’s natural energy & vitality and rediscover your passions through releasing emotional blockages and accumulated stress.
If you are living with pain and suffering (both physical & mental), the feeling you have lost your lust for life, or are just simply feeling run down jumping from one stress to another, free flow from Eliyahu Sapir, Holistic Healer & Coach will help you to find the missing spark, restore your energy and bring light back into your life.
Bringing together 17+ years of therapeutic experience in bodyworking, each 75 minute treatment focuses on three constants, breath, body and being. The result: release of blockages & retained stress and a return to the body’s natural vital and energetic energy flow. A tailor made Bach flower remedy is also supplied to enhance the effects of the treatment

Through the energy rebalancing therapy, Eliyahu Sapir, a master who trained with the world renowned cardiologist and holistic healer Dr. Nader Bhutto, works with each individual to release blockages and retained stress in the body allowing energy to flow freely restoring the natural state of the body to heal itself, be vital and energetic. . 
Energy wash out  is an effective method of dealing with stress, anxiety, trauma, emotional blockages and achieving energetic balance.
The method was developed by cardiologist Dr. Nader Butto in Israel.
When we experience a trauma, an energy center within us closes and the flow of energy in that center weakens.
There are seven energy centers called chakras, each connected to an endocrine gland.
The treatment allows the individual to complete the process of learning and understanding the reasons for the emotional crisis so that normal energy flow can be restored and future traumas can be dealt with more effectively.
The treatment combines several techniques including Eastern therapies and healing techniques that help to open blockages. During discharge the patient may experience crying, laughing, shouting, expression of anger and even release and opening of the blockage which will be reflected through trembling legs. This can indicate the return of normal energy flow.
During treatment the patient is conscious and aware of everything that happens. At the end of treatment he experiences a sense of relief and well being.
The patient wears comfortable clothes during the treatment.
The treatment is not suitable for people diagnosed with a mental illness other than anxiety or depression.
Energy wash out releases and opens blockages, and one can not know how it will affect the mental illness. The treatment can cause it to go out of balance.
This method is also not allowed in the care of pregnant women and people suffering from heart rate disturbances.
It is important to give an update about all medical problems before treatment !