Energetic washout treatment – physical and emotional relief – treatment of emotional and physical barriers

Did you know that correct breathing can extend your lifespan and slow aging?

Did you know that correct breathing can prevent sickness of the body and soul, such as: chronic diseases, growth of cancer cells, mental disorders, emotional stress, and anxiety?

Did you know that a combined treatment of contact, energetic washout, Bach flowers, and personal discussion can improve your quality of life over a short period of time?

What you did not know perhaps… that the treatment method that I have developed is gaining momentum throughout Europe, and that I have loyal customers overseas, who believe in the power and ability of my treatment to improve their lives.

After 17 years of studying, research, and experimentation in Israel and Europe, I bring you Free Flow – the method of physical and emotional reliefe, which I had developed with inspiration from Dr. Nader Butto and Ilan Lev.

Welcome to The Clinic of Eliyahu Sapir – the place where you can finally breath, flow freely, and more passionately.

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I see the treatment as a big cleaning of negative energies 
"I came to Eli through a good friend. I heard very warm and good experiences. I came to him without expectations. Eli immediately gave me a good and warm impression.
I came for rebalancing because I was energy-free and through certain experiences I struggled with" READ MORE

I had a lot of stress 
"I was recommended to Eliyahu Sapir by a good friend. About three years ago. I was not doing very well at that moment. I had a lot of stress, a hernia and a mild form of a burn out.  Eli did his magical things With shaking the legs and arms. And mental coaching. He really helped me trough difficult times", READ MORE
Your treatment is both physical and mental 
"Dear Eli, When I was told what your treatment would do, I was sceptical at first. But every word was true. It made me become aware of old convictions and obstacles in my life and my body. You are a master in letting go of all that old pain and grief and I can thank you enough for giving me this insight. Your treatment is both"  READ MORE
You  have giving me hope in a life full of blockage
"Dear Eli,
I wish I can stay, I wish I can work with you releasing all my demons. You  have giving me hope in a life full of blockages that has crippled me to live and to breathe. Our paths crossed as the universe set it out to happen. I traveled far (Canada) to see you in IsraelREAD MORE
"I've had an extraordinary experience with Life in the most perfect way. Through the conversation with Eliyahu at the beginning of the session, I was able to see life with new eyes. He is able to show the essence in life with words, but also without words".READ MORE 
I now am aware of my uncertainty.
"I now am aware of my uncertainty. I was busy with something I wasn't aware.
I was holding my breathe in situations, and I don't know why. I just stop. and hold. 
The border is something what seems to be repeating and I don't know the cause".READ MORE
Grasp the opportunity with both hands and let him help you
"Eli is a true healer - with a range of therapies,skills and competencies that elevates his treatments to many levels above other therapists. There is something truly special about this man that you sense in his calm demeanor the minute you meet him. He is someone who truly cares about the special needs of every client - and who has an innate sense of the type of treatment" READ MORE