'I've had an extraordinary experience with Life in the most perfect way. Through the conversation with Eliyahu at the beginning of the session, I was able to see life with new eyes. He is able to show the essence in life with words, but also without words. He pass across the energy of the divine.' 

I now am aware of my uncertainty.
I now am aware of my uncertainty. I was busy with something I wasn't aware.
I was holding my breathe in situations, and I don't know why. I just stop. and hold. 
The border is something what seems to be repeating and I don't know the cause.
I have goals and on the way I meet people and on one way or another in the past they tried to claim. But I'm already a lot further and the border is there, somehow I feel that.
It is for me important and better that someone gives me that, like you did by saying. It helped me.
And some people, I don't need them. That's for sure.
sandra, 30 , holland

I never felt the compassion for myself
Since the treatment I'm very much aware of of breathing and increasing passion in life again.
It has to do with feeling worthy, and loving yourself.
In my work as a photographer it's all about compassion for others. But I never felt the compassion for myself :-)
The breathing part might be a karma thing. In a hypnose I saw myself as a jewish girl in a camp with her mother. She was 4 years old. She was not allowed to live.
I'm ready for life:-) Thanks Eli!
sara, 49, holland

Grasp the opportunity with both hands and let him help you
"Eli is a true healer - with a range of therapies,skills and competencies that elevates his treatments to many levels above other therapists. There is something truly special about this man that you sense in his calm demeanor the minute you meet him. He is someone who truly cares about the special needs of every client - and who has an innate sense of the type of treatment or therapy each client requires. 
I cannot recommend him highly enough. If you are fortunate enough to be within the aura of this kind and wonderful human being, grasp the opportunity with both hands and let him help you." 
Service Category: Coaching, Healing, Therapist
Year first hired: 2013 (hired more than once)
Top Qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

richard kohn managing director,cepd ctp bv

I was very relieved and full of energy
Dear Eli,
It has been a great experience to be treated by you. During the intake you made me feel comfortabele and we discussed the energy treatment.
During the massage I felt as I was leaving my body. I noticed my self as I was a bystander.
I also experienced a very clear picture of an ancient warrior.
I do not know what it meant but I felt very relieved. At the end of the treatment I was very cold and I needed a lot of blankets to get warm again. Afterwards I was very relieved and full of energy. It felt as if my energychannels were clear again.
I can recommend Eli as he is a sincere person with healing capacities.

R. holland
I see the treatment as a big cleaning of negative energies 
I came to Eli through a good friend. I heard very warm and good experiences. I came to him without expectations. Eli immediately gave me a good and warm impression.
I came for rebalancing because I was energy-free and through certain experiences I struggled with negative feelings.
During the treatment much energy was released because my whole body began to tickle and shaking. I felt a huge fear, but because of Eli's trust, I could surrender to this feeling. During the session my head was empty while thoughts always went through my mind. I felt a lot of emotion but had no thoughts. My unconscious feelings came free and could leave my body. I have experienced this session very much. I had never felt my body so much and thought so little! I feel better after treatment. Certain situations can not affect me as before, which can keep in my energy and build up again.
I see the treatment as a big cleaning of negative energies that were stuck in my body. Thank you Eli for your warmth and trust that you gave me!


I had a lot of stress
I was recommended to Eliyahu Sapir by a good friend. About three years ago. I was not doing very well at that moment. I had a lot of stress, a hernia and a mild form of a burn out.  Eli did his magical things With shaking the legs and arms. And mental coaching. He really helped me trough difficult times,
I recommend Eli with my whole heart

The thought that a male stranger will touch me scared me
I’ve began Eliyahu’s therapy about a year ago. I began attending this therapy following recommendation from family members, who had undergone Eliyahu’s treatment as well. A year ago, I was happy and joyous – like I am today, but not quite the same. Before the first session with Eliyahu, the thought that a male stranger will touch me scared me, and continuous doubts about his dignity were always on my mind – which prevented me from opening and becoming more immersed in the therapy. Eliyahu’s loving and caring character, somewhat father-like even, helped me overcome my doubts and trust him fully right after the first session. This first session began with energetic wash out, during which I relaxed, shook, cried, and disconnected from all the things that I didn’t even know that were bothering and burdening me. Of course, I returned for another session, and eventually, the therapy became more about forward thinking and development, and less about dealing with the past. I felt that Eliyahu understands me, and knows what’s right for me. Together, we could point the finger on the things that prevented me from developing further, that stood in my way. Among those, was a lot of criticism I had, both towards myself, and my surroundings, pressure, and a constant desire to please others, which made me forget myself completely in most cases. Eliyahu gave me the instruments with which I could overcome the obstacles not only during therapy sessions, but also on my own, between sessions. I understand that I have great potential, which I failed to realize with way of conduct, and understood that I must embrace this potential. Of course, the fact that Eliyahu always gave me a feeling that he believes in me was very significant to me. I haven’t come to Eliyahu with a specific fear or problem, but rather, simply to improve myself and live life as best as I could. So, I am still happy and joyous as I was a year ago, but different – better (with, of course, room for more improvement)
Gil, 19

Your treatment is both physical and mental 

Dear Eli, When I was told what your treatment would do, I was sceptical at first. But every word was true. It made me become aware of old convictions and obstacles in my life and my body. You are a master in letting go of all that old pain and grief and I can thank you enough for giving me this insight. Your treatment is both physical and mental so good for body and mind. I recommend others to this great experience. By Eli you are in good hands.
lots of love

A therapist with deep intuitive sensitivity.
I came to Eliyahu after already visiting several therapists, and I had very few expectations.
The issued that needed to be addressed were emotional and deep.
I’ve been attending this therapy for 10 months, and after each session, I left in a completely different place, mentally, from the one I was in when I came.
And with each session, the inner change could be felt becoming more and more apparent…
Eliyahu treats people from a place of deep intuitive sensitivity, with full attention and presence.
He can spot fakes quickly – he knows how to attune the mind, and the attention, and knows exactly where are the correct energetic “taps” for that day, how to activate them, at what intensity, and precisely which extracts to mix.
I don’t know how he does it, but all of it combined together has an incredible effect.
Thanks to Eliyahu, I was finally able to advance to a new mental and emotional state.
A truly blessed therapist. I sincerely thank you, dear Eliyahu.
I recommend him from the bottom of my heart.

Thank you!

The embrace and love that I experienced in this treatment granted me the belief that will allow me to continue and fulfill my destiny in this life.
I came to Eliyahu following a recommendation from a friend, who achieved powerful results thanks to this therapy. All my life, I am in a constant development process, which significantly accelerated over the last few years.
I understood well that the purpose of this procedure is ultimately good – to create contact, love, and be excited, and I am not willing to ever give up these feelings.
This made it obligatory for me to feel absolutely everything, and touch deep wounds as well – ones that we are not always aware of, and are not always able to reach. It is hard, but without this, I would be hard to go on.
The therapy was amazing, and quite sensational.
Mind-wise, I know and understand what is required of me, but I couldn’t say the same about the body. There’s no doubt that the mind is also somewhat hindering, and does not allow full immersion into the experience.
When the therapy began, I felt myself merge in completely.
The processes itself and the body did not allow the mind to take over.
I felt a deep relief. I met my father, who passed away a year and a half ago. I thought, in my mind, that I had let go of all the pains and deep patterns related to him, but during the therapy session, I was finally able to truly release them, through my body.
I met the small girl that I once was.
The embrace and love that I experienced in this treatment granted me the belief that will allow me to continue and fulfill my destiny in this life.
At the end of the session, I could feel an intense energy flow throughout me, both on the physical and spiritual level.
A day after, I could still feel the process echoing inside me, and I could even manage to continue it on my own.
I went through a lot in my life, and I’m going through amazing processes. But without a doubt, Eliyahu’s treatment gave me a lot, both in the short term, and in the long term as well.
Eliyahu – pleasant, precise, enlightening, and powerful.
I thank him for his devotion and gift in the form of this incredible therapy.
Dalit Laufer

I feel like I’m going through a change that has only began, and will continue
I’ve decided to tell about my personal experience, so that other may benefit from this knowledge.
Over the last 6 years, I’ve been suffering from an allergy that had suddenly appeared – just like that.
I manifested in the form of a rash and a terrible itching all over my body.
The allergy would appear each year from spring till winter, and sometimes would even go on beyond that period.
I’ve consulted every possible medical specialist, and nothing helped.
For over a year, I tried acupuncture treatment from one of Israel’s best experts, and that didn’t help either.
The physical discomfort was horrible, making me feel borderline disabled, although I pushed myself through the pain to try and carry on with my daily life.
I reached Eliyahu Sapir through a recommendation from a friend, who heard about him from her friends, who had experience with his methods. When I came to him for the first time, I explained to him that I don’t have much expectations of him,
And that I’m trying this out because I have nothing to lose. He simply smiled and said nothing.
I must say, that after the first session, the allergy was all but gone!!!
But in addition to that, during the therapy, I’ve experienced a complex emotional experience, which I apparently did not let go,
Blockades of which I did not know.
Or, Like Eliyahu said, I went through an energetic wash out.
I used to be an energetic, optimistic type
But ever since the therapy, everything just got more powerful
Full of joy for life, but also
In peace of mind, capable to listen to my now-sharpened senses and intuition.
Now, I feel like using every moment of life to the fullest
And not to miss a thing. I know it sounds
Strange, but it’s just like that for me
In my personal experience.
I feel like I went through a major change that is just beginning, and that what I tell will help others too.

I cried, and laughed, and saw all my life passing before my eyes.
Hi Eliyahu,
It was an incredible treatment, one that I didn’t experience the like of anywhere else. Although I came prepared, after reading Nader Boto’s fascinating book, I still needed to release some leftovers, and let you do what you do for quite a few years now.
True, it requires the patient to become fully immersed in the experience, but for the effectiveness of the treatment, I was willing to take that ‘risk’.
I cried, and laughed, and saw all my life passing before my eyes, and could see my blissful future.
After an hour and a half, I felt relieved, with a better energy flow, and a feeling of joy mixed with optimism that will accompany me for life.
I highly recommend this treatment to everyone I know.

You  have giving me hope in a life full of blockage
Dear Eli,
I wish I can stay, I wish I can work with you releasing all my demons. You  have giving me hope in a life full of blockages that has crippled me to live and to breathe. Our paths crossed as the universe set it out to happen. I traveled far (Canada) to see you in Israel and see my son of to go to the army. My first encounter with you was indeed spiritual , uplifting my life to a new level. The life I am meant to live with passion joy and intent. Creating a safe place for me with a combination of pressure points and gentle pressure you created space for my energy to flow outward and release the blockages that crippled me like a cancer. My body vibrated and shook ,tears rolling down my eyes of relieve , relief of letting go of what makes us weak. 
You are a master a true guru of your craft. 
thank you, thank you ...I cannot wait to see you again and again,and again.
Anim,49 , canada

I am good the way i am

Dear Eli,
With your treatment you really did help me to let go of a lot of emotional  ballast what makes that i left so much weight behind and created more space inside myself. 
It brought me back to my true self. Even to that little girl inside that makes me happy and let me enjoy life again. 
I sleep so much better, enjoy life  and make decisions so i  look after myself much better. Now i can say :
I am good the way i am and love myself !!!
Thank you  very much , am real  glad that i met you and your treatment  !!!
warm greetings and big hug ,

I keep feeling the calmness and happiness
Dear Eliyahu
I had a great experience during your treatment, but afterwords it have been even better! 
Unfortunately I cannot feel the prickling sensation in my whole body again, 
but I keep feeling the calmness and happiness that I have during your treatment. Thank you!!!
m, 29 holland

great boost of warmth in my neck

hi Sapir,
Your treatment was a great experience:
pleasant intake and a great boost of warmth in my neck after you triggered some spot in my ribs. 
Obviously some tension in my neck which could fly away​

A feeling that I am in a bigger womb than the one from which I came
I came very excited to my therapy session. I didn’t exactly know what’s going to happen, but I did know, is that my desire to become free can only take me so far if I do not trust the experience. I first had a conversation with Eliyahu, during which he identified the bonds and significant experiences through which I lived, and thus pinpointed the points which I would want to address during the treatment. The treatment itself is another experience entirely. Very powerful. I felt as if the body is shaking away experiences, memories, fears, and old pains. Without any control on my end. But with a full and firm control on Eliyahu’s. Afterwards, while my body is still shaking, I felt an immense flow enter my body, through the palms of my hands, which then spread to the rest of my body. Eliyahu explained this to me, and reassured me, so that I will not fear the process and we could continue. It has been five hours after the therapy. All feelings of future, past, for and against – all were but gone. Only tranquility and resilience remained. An inner peace. Only the breathing. A feeling as if I am in a bigger womb than the one from which I came.